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Carpet Restoration Service

Do you have severe carpet damage that you think can’t be fixed? Are you stressing out about the thought of replacing your carpet?

We understand your anxiety. Replacing carpet is an expensive, time-consuming endeavor that should be only considered in very extreme cases.

We want to save you from making a choice that you might regret. Our carpet restoration service will save you money, we promise.

Our carpet restoration service is the most cost-effective option because we can restore the look and feel of your carpet for a price far lower than replacing your carpet.

We accomplish this feat by using a rotovac with counter-rotating heads that agitates your carpet fibers while dispensing a carpet cleaning solution as we make each pass.

The result is a carpet that has been deep-cleaned from the bottom to the top of the carpet pile!

To learn more about our carpet restoration service, please give us a call today at 602 688 4186